Mystery 'Black Hole' spotted on Google Maps has been solved

Wednesday, 08/11/2023, 12:02 (GMT+7)

The mystery 'Black Hole' is finally solved and it isn't as people think.

A mysterious 'black hole' initially spotted on Google Maps has been solved. However, contrary to the hypothesis that it might be a blurred-out military or secret location, it has turned out to be the Uninhabited Vostok Island

A Reddit user known as Kokoblocks first came across dark blod located in the heart of the Pacific Island, a considerable distance from any major land masses. 

Mystery 'Black Hole' spotted on Google Maps has been solved 1
Image Credits: @kokoblocks/Reddit

He shared the image on Reddit with  the caption: 'What the f*** this looks nothing like an island,'

The picture quickly went viral on social media, sparking debates and speculations among users. While some suggested that the dark blot might be a concealed military installation, others mentioned it as the Bermuda Triangle, and some even proposed it could be a place associated with aliens.

Mystery 'Black Hole' spotted on Google Maps has been solved 2
Image Credits: Google map

One person said: I think it's a mountain top, reaching out of the water.

A second wrote: Looks like there's water in the middle that has some really dark-looking fungi or seaweed or something.

A third commented: Scrolling past I thought it was a hole in a leather seat.

Someone else said: Could maybe be an underground Volcano which is what causes the blackness, assuming it isn't a hole. Most likely igneous rock.

Mystery 'Black Hole' spotted on Google Maps has been solved 3
Image Credit: Angela K. Kepler

However, the truth behind it does not seem to people. A mysterious 'black hole turned out to be Vostok Island, a 56-acre uninhabited landmass owned by the Republic of Kiribati.

Eventually, it was established that the so-called "hole" was, in fact, Vostok Island, positioned approximately 400 miles northwest of Tahiti.

A Reddit member with insider knowledge said that:  'It's a very dense forest made up of Pisonia trees.'

Mystery 'Black Hole' spotted on Google Maps has been solved 4
Image Credit: Angela K. Kepler

Vostok Island is situated nearly 4,000 miles east of Australia and over 1,500 miles south of Hawaii. It is part of the southern Line Islands, which also includes Malden, Starbuck, Flint, and Caroline.

Surrounding the island are trees that are nearly 100 feet tall, so when viewed from above, the island resembles a lush carpet of flora

Nevertheless, it appears that Vostok Island, despite its remote location, does not conceal any military installations or armaments, as it remains uninhabited.

Vostok Island was initially encountered by Russian explorers in 1820, who christened it after the vessel they were sailing on.

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