Police issue urgent warning over new iOS iPhone update

Sunday, 03/12/2023, 17:02 (GMT+7)

Authorities urgently caution the public about the latest iOS iPhone update.

Now, with Apple’s iOS 17 update, they have introduced a new feature similar to Airdrop called 'NameDrop'

The new feature allows users to quickly share their contact information with a nearby iPhone or Apple Watch without the need to physically hand over the phone to exchange information.

Police issue urgent warning over new iOS iPhone update 1
Police issued an urgent warning about the new iPhone iOS update. Image Credits: Getty

To activate this new feature on your iPhone, you just need to place your phone's screen 'a few centimeters' away from the other person's device. An 'indicator light' will appear on both phones, indicating that the connection is being established.

At this point, you have the option to either share your contact card and receive the other person's card or only receive the other person's information card.

Police issue urgent warning over new iOS iPhone update 2
The goal is to make the job of changing your number easier since you have to manually enter contacts into your phone. Image Credits: Getty

However, with NameDrop, if both users choose to receive only the other's information, neither user gets anything.

If you wish to cancel the connection, you can move the devices away from each other or lock your iPhone screen.

While the feature appears simple and convenient, police have serious concerns about the security of NameDrop because it could make such information easily accessible.

According to Forbes, multiple law enforcement agencies across America have even issued security warnings over the feature, warning people — particularly parents — that the feature could “share your contact information by being next to another iPhone” and implying that children could be in danger with this feature turned on.

Police issue urgent warning over new iOS iPhone update 3
Now, Apple has launched a new feature called “NameDrop” for Airdrop. Image Credits: Getty

As a report by Forbes: “The real truth is that, despite being defaulted to an on position, the NameDrop feature isn’t just going to throw your contact details at any passing person with an iPhone."

In another warning from the Watertown Police Department, the post read: "With the new Apple update 'NameDrop' is enabled by default. With this feature enabled, anyone can place their phone next to yours (or your child’s phone) and automatically receive their contact information including their picture, phone number, email address, and more, with a tap of your unlocked screen."

Police issue urgent warning over new iOS iPhone update 4
This feature works similarly but allows users to quickly share their contact information. Image Credits: Getty

Several users on the X platform are using social media to issue urgent warnings with some suggesting that the police's advice may have been a bit alarmist.

One person said: If I want to put a phone number in my phone I can do it myself, I don’t need this feature and neither does anyone else, stop these phone companies doing all for us,……enough!!!!!!! as it is a threat to our well being,.

A  second wrote: You can’t share info without the phone being unlocked and you have to choose to share and receive or only receive. Your info won’t be shared unless you tell it to.

A  third commented:  Nothing can happen unless you authorize the transfer manually.