Staff remove belongings from occupied pool loungers at resort

Thursday, 21/03/2024, 18:47 (GMT+7)

The problem of tourists taking over sun loungers by placing towels on them was neatly resolved by a 'sunbed police' of the Mallorca hotel.

The actions of Mallorca Hotel's "sunbed police" in dealing with guests reserving loungers with towels have received praise. 

By actively removing belongings from unattended sunbeds, the hotel took a proactive approach to address the ongoing issue of sunbed wars.

Staff remove belongings from occupied pool loungers at resort 1
Mallorca Hotel's "sunbed police" praised for removing belongings from reserved loungers. Image Credit: TikTok

The controversial origin of taking over sunbeds by placing towels on them

In a satisfying moment captured on video, a staff member was seen removing towels and inflatables that were used to reserve the beds by the pool at the Viva resort on the Spanish island.

This action was applauded by many who witnessed the incident.

The practice of reserving sunbeds by placing towels on them for the entire day has long been accepted in Spanish resorts, although its origin is uncertain, with some attributing it to a German invention. 

However, it has often led to heated competition and frustration among holidaymakers eager to secure a prime spot by the pool.

Staff remove belongings from occupied pool loungers at resort 2
Reserving sunbeds with towels is common in Spanish resorts, causing competition and frustration. Image Credit: TikTok

Mallorca Hotel's 'sunbed police' over clearing towels from loungers to stop guests from taking over them

The staff at Mallorca Hotel, known as the "sunbed police," took an active approach to tackle the problem. 

They didn't just remove unattended belongings from the sunbeds but also used a timer and a clipboard to keep track of how long each lounger had been reserved.

If the person who reserved the sunbed did not return within 30 minutes, their items were promptly removed.

The video footage of the "sunbed police" in action garnered positive reactions from viewers.

Staff remove belongings from occupied pool loungers at resort 3
Mallorca Hotel's staff actively addressed the issue, removing unattended belongings and enforcing a 30-minute reservation limit. Image Credit: TikTok

Many commended the hotel for taking a stand against the towel wars that often occur at resorts.

The hope was expressed that other establishments would follow suit, as putting an end to this stressful phenomenon would make holidays more enjoyable for everyone.

At many resorts, similar situations of sunbed conflicts have been observed. Guests often wait in long lines or hurry to claim their preferred loungers as soon as the pool area becomes accessible.

However, the Mallorca Hotel's approach of actively removing belongings from unattended sunbeds seemed to be an effective deterrent.

Staff remove belongings from occupied pool loungers at resort 4
Many hope other establishments adopt Mallorca Hotels' approaches in deterring sunbed conflicts. Image Credit: TikTok

The Mallorca Hotel's method of preventing guests from occupying sunbeds by placing towels on them has received public support

While some people might say that reserving sunbeds with towels has been done for a long time, others see it as rude and disruptive to other guests' enjoyment.

The actions taken by the Mallorca hotel's staff members were seen as a fair and practical solution to address the issue.

Staff remove belongings from occupied pool loungers at resort 5
Mallorca Hotel's actions to address sunbed reservation problem seen as fair and practical. Image Credit: TikTok

About time, annoying when selfish people leave towels on beds and don't use them all day, especially for families who have children, one user said.

Good all hotels should do this then this wouldn't happen, the second praised the hotel.

When we went to Cyprus you were allocated a sun bed which was yours for the duration of your stay, no one else could use it. Excellent idea wish more hotels would adopt it, another wrote.

Makes me want to stay at this hotel, someone commented.