Apple secretly working on 'Home Robots' invention plans

Thursday, 04/04/2024, 18:09 (GMT+7)

Apple has reportedly been secretly working on 'home robots' as new frontier after setbacks.

Tech giant explores the potential of home robots

Following a series of challenges, including the abandonment of its self-driving car project and an antitrust lawsuit, Apple seems to be venturing into a new territory: home robotics.

Apple secretly working on 'Home Robots' invention plans 1
Apple is reportedly delving into the development of 'home robots' as its latest venture. Image Credits: Getty

Shifting focus after setbacks

Business Insider reports that Apple is looking beyond recent setbacks, such as the scrapped self-driving car project and legal issues, to focus on new areas of development.  

This shift comes amid declining iPhone sales in China and a hefty fine from the European Union.

Apple secretly working on 'Home Robots' invention plans 2
This shift comes after setbacks, including the abandonment of a self-driving car project. Image Credits: Getty

Artificial intelligence and robotics in focus

Apple is likely to prioritize advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), considering similar efforts undertaken by competitors like Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI.  Additionally, reports suggest Apple has been exploring robotics since 2019.

Home Robotics: a competitive market

Apple secretly working on 'Home Robots' invention plans 3
The company faces challenges like an antitrust lawsuit and declining iPhone sales in China. Image Credits: Getty

Apple is not the first company to explore home robotics. Existing products like the Roomba vacuum cleaner demonstrate the established nature of this market.

The nature of Apple's home robots is unknown

The specific functionalities of Apple's home robots remain unclear.  Bloomberg sources mention a "mobile robot" that can follow users around the house, while another rumor suggests an advanced robotic tabletop display.

Apple's pursuit of innovation

Apple secretly working on 'Home Robots' invention plans 4
Apple's exploration into AI and robotics signals a new direction for the tech giant. Image Credits: Getty

Apple's dedication to innovation is undeniable, with the iPhone serving as a prime example.

However, replicating the iPhone's success with home robots will likely be a significant challenge.

From self-driving cars to domestic robots

The initial robotics project, led by Doug Field (now at Ford), reportedly focused on silent indoor drones. Following Field's departure in 2021, Apple's robotics division shifted its focus towards home robots, according to Bloomberg.

Uncertain future for domestic robots

Apple secretly working on 'Home Robots' invention plans 5
The specifics of Apple's home robotics projects remain speculative, but the company is driven by innovation. Image Credits: Getty

It's important to note that Apple's home robot development is still in its early stages. There's no guarantee these devices will ever reach consumers.  However, some signs hint at a potential shift.

Repurposing self-driving car technology

Sources claim that Apple might repurpose its self-driving car operating system, SafetyOS, for use in robots. Additionally, Bloomberg reports that some engineers from the self-driving car project have been transferred to the robotics division.