Why many hotels in the world do not have room number 420

Sunday, 24/03/2024, 11:47 (GMT+7)

Many hotels around the world have decided to skip room number 420, even though it is a number associated with marijuana enthusiasts.

You may be familiar with the fact that high-rise buildings and hotels often avoid using the number 13 because it is considered unlucky or brings bad luck.

However, in addition to 13, many hotels in the world also skip room number 420. Why is that?

The number 420 is associated with marijuana

The reason is that the number 420 (also known as 4/20 in American date format) has a "long history" associated with marijuana and many other problems.

Why many hotels in the world do not have room number 420 1
Hotel skips room number 420 altogether. Image Credits: Getty

Since 1971, 4/20 has become International Weed Day and has been featured in many songs, movies, and other cultural forms. The reason is that on April 20, 1971, at 4:20 p.m., a group of high school students from San Rafael, California gathered in a vacant lot to smoke marijuana together.

Since then, 420 has become a favorite number and even a code for marijuana enthusiasts.

 To celebrate this holiday, every year on 4/20, marijuana enthusiasts gather to celebrate with smoke. One of the most popular activities is to go to hotels and steal the room number 420 sign as a souvenir.

Why many hotels in the world do not have room number 420 2
A Colorado hotel had to print the number 420 on the door after it was stolen multiple times. Image Credits: Getty

Because the signs kept being stolen, many hotels eventually decided to skip room number 420 altogether or come up with other "creative" ways to prevent theft.

Marijuana is a highly addictive drug that is banned from cultivation, processing, consumption, and use in many countries around the world. However, countries like Uruguay, the United States, and Mexico have legalized the use of marijuana in some cases.

Why many hotels in the world do not have room number 420 3
Instead of 420, the hotel uses 419 + 1 for the room number. Image Credits: Getty

Here are some of the ways hotels prevent theft of the room number 420 sign:

Skip room number 420 altogether.

Replace the number 420 with a different number, such as 419A or 420.5.Use a different numbering system for the rooms on that floor.

Install security cameras in the hallway outside of room 420.  a sign that says "No Smoking" or "No Marijuana Use" in room 420.

Why many hotels in the world do not have room number 420 4
Some hotels have room 420 but also put up a sign that says "This is a non-smoking room. Image Credits: Getty

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